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Clans Area

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Calling all clans! Grab your claymores and reserve your space in the Clans Area for the 2018 Wisconsin Highland Games!

The Clans Area is the heart of the Highland Games, where the clans set up their booths and tents in a grassy field and invite you to come over and share in the traditions of the Highland clans – and some Lowland ones, too!

Think you might have some Scottish ancestry? The Clans Area is the place to ask around with your family name. You'll find official clan organizations, informal local branches, and Scottish heritage groups to help you trace your family history.

There's almost always something going on at the Clans Area! Throughout the day there are scheduled demonstrations, music, dancing, and competitions. Plus, there are all kinds of things to see at the clan tents, like traditional music sessions, weapons demonstrations, bagpipers, and more.

On Sunday, the Clans Area hosts the Kirkin' of the Tartan, an outdoor church service.

Each day at noon, the clans take up their standards and march the Parade of Tartans around the grounds of the Games, starting and ending at the Clans Area!